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Times are changing. The world is quickly evolving. With the technological advancements plus the pandemic the world is facing, distance learning is the new normal.
Hence, ESL Philippines was quick to adapt a new system to ensure that there is no stopping in the kids’ learning. Introducing its newest addition to its roster of superior quality programs – the Gen Alpha Program! It boasts of a unique combination of homeschooling and E-Learning!
ESL’s Gen Alpha has all the ingredients for a truly successful distance learning program: exclusive motor, writing and arts video lessons, printed or E-materials for logic, arts, language and reading readiness, simple and developmentally appropriate (DAP) weekly lesson guide, consistent progress assessments and monitoring and personal counseling and training support for guardians and/or parents!
At ESL Philippines, we hone children like no other.
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The Gen-alpha program is a school year-long, play-and-learn, 100% english speaking, language and childhood development program for toddlers age 2-5 Y.O. (Brainy Babies, Smart Kids Jr. & Sr.)
This is an early childhood developmental program for toddlers aged 1.8 – 3 years old.
This is an early childhood developmental program for toddlers aged 3 – 4 years old.
Preschool classes run for 1.5 hours.
Classes are done thrice a week via face-to-face, online and/or blended modes of learning (*fees vary).
Materials needed include ESL-provided textbooks, worksheets, craft supplies and an exclusive sensory exploration kit (SensPlay).
Yes, but with certain considerations (*to be discussed with the ESL teachers during the pre-enrollment assessment).
Yes, a certificate and a report card is provided if the student gets to finish an entire school year under any of the Gen-Alpha toddler programs.
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