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ESL’s newest and best-ever improved reading program comes your way! It emphasizes the importance of interest and motivation of students instead of reliance on drills. It’s progressive approach to reading advocates student-centered learning and individualization.
From non-readers to comprehension seekers, what students need is PROgressive reading and PROfessional teaching. Only with ESL’s ProRead Program!
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The ProRead program is a progressive reading program with varying ladders of complexity for non-readers to comprehension seekers.
A ProRead ladder pertains to the level of complexity of the lesson provided to the student, with ladder 1 being the most basic level. A ProRead step pertains to the session that a student attends to.
As the term “progressive reading” suggests, the ProRead ladders are endless as they are being constantly developed for continuous increase of lesson complexity.
There are 20 steps to finish as a requirement for a ladder certification (*would still depend upon the 20th day assessment results).
ProRead classes run for 25 – 30 minutes (*depending on the mode of learning).
Class schedule is customizable and can be based on the time preference and availability of the student, to be conducted via face-to-face or online (*fees vary).
An ESL folder and daily printed worksheets are to be provided by the ESL Reading Specialist for center-based reading classes.
Yes, but with certain considerations (*to be discussed with the ESL teachers during the pre-enrollment assessment).
Yes, a certificate is provided if the student successfully passes a ladder based on his/her 20-day performance.
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