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Geographical barriers crumble before our unwavering commitment to education! Introducing ESL Global Academy, our online branch designed to transcend boundaries and offer world-class learning opportunities worldwide.

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As a distinguished leader in English Proficiency, we cater not only to Filipinos but to individuals worldwide, fostering fluency and connection. Boasting a storied legacy in virtual education, our handpicked educators, coupled with innovative methodologies, curate an interactive online classroom milieu. Unlock a realm of possibilities as we offer child development, reading enhancement, IELTS mastery, and diverse English proficiency programs. Our invitation also extends to corporate partnerships, igniting collaborative educational evolution. Choose ESL Global Academy today, where education defies boundaries, and brilliance knows no limits.

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Step into the world of English excellence through our captivating teachers’ introduction videos. These videos offer an insightful glimpse into the realm of online language learning, although it’s worth noting that they might not always reflect our latest roster updates. At our institution, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most enriching educational experience possible.

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Our scheduling policy is tailored to seamlessly align with your global time zones, ensuring that your learning journey is both convenient and enjoyable. While we can’t guarantee a specific instructor, we can assure you that every member of our teaching team is highly skilled and motivated to guide you toward success. Our Filipino educators exemplify the values that have made us a reputable English learning establishment. Their dedication, expertise, and cultural richness shine through, promising an exciting and enlightening language education.
Join us in this immersive expedition of linguistic discovery. Together, we’ll explore the depths of language, broaden our horizons, and create enduring connections that span the globe.

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frequently asked questions

ESL Global Academy has a strong reputation for providing high-quality ESL instruction and positive learning outcomes in early childhood education and other skill proficiency programs, drawing the perfect and effective methods to equip and boost the confidence of every individual regardless of age and level such as toddler’s class, reading program, tutorials and English proficiency classes.
ESL Global Academy is a rising online educational institution that offers programs like early childhood development, language learning courses, skill proficiency, and resources over the Internet. It uses instruction to non-native English speakers to develop their social and communication skills using the English language.
It is ESL Global Academy’s mission to bridge educational gaps and cross learning boundaries by reaching out to individuals from various parts of the country, or even internationally, who are in need of skills development or academic assistance. ESL Global Academy is committed to empowering e-learners with the best-in-class online courses, expert instructors, and a seamless e-learning experience and foresees itself becoming a globally-recognized firm that leads in providing the most innovative and effective long-term and short-term scholastic courses.
ESL is an acronym for “English as a Second Language”. It refers to programs that educate students who are non-native English speakers. Thus, the majority of the programs at ESL Global Academy are anchored on the goal of developing speech through sound production and language through communication.
ESL Global Academy caters to individuals of all ages and language proficiency levels who want to learn and develop their skills. This includes students, professionals, immigrants, and anyone interested in enhancing their abilities all over the world.

There are only two steps to follow:

1. Register online at

2. Choose the program you like and be assessed. 

The learning center’s programs range from preschool, reading, and speaking courses to academic enrichment tutorial classes, crash courses, and workshops.
You’ll typically need a computer or device with internet access, a webcam and microphone for video lessons, and a Zoom account that you will use in class. It is recommended to find a quiet, well-lit space for learning.
Its school year-long toddler programs run for 25-min language lessons while other short-term courses are conducted for 25-30 minutes per session for junior (kids) classes, and 40 minutes per session for senior(adult) classes.
ESL Global Academy conducts online classes depending on the time preference or schedule availability of its students.
Since ESL Global Academy programs are module-driven. Program (except the toddler’s class) may varies from 10-day, 15-day to 20-day course. Hence, the instructor always provides feedback about your performance after every class. Assessments, quizzes, and assignments are given to help you gauge your improvement.
In case of emergency and important matters, we give consideration to students. Bear in mind that a student must inform the admin at least hours before the given class time.
Yes, we do. As soon as you finish our course and pass the assessment of the current ladder (level), we will send you your e-certificate.
ESL Global Academy is still in the process of finalizing things regarding this matter.
Its main branches are situated in the cities of Baliwag, Malolos and Plaridel in Bulacan.
Yes, but with certain considerations especially regarding in-class disruptive behaviors. Daily observations and quarterly assessments are conducted by teachers at ESL Global Academy to help discern and identify early warning signs among the students. Children with dyslexia and neurodevelopment conditions also benefit from our progressive reading program. Referrals for diagnostic evaluation are provided by the center upon identification of any possible developmental issues. ESL Global Academy recognizes the importance of early intervention for children with special needs, developmental delays, autism, and speech or language delays.
ESL Global Academy has its pride and joy with its comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of language acquisition, providing a holistic learning experience. It promotes ‘study at your convenience’ because you can learn with us anywhere and anytime you want. Lastly, we have the best educators who are not only experts in their field but care deeply about each student’s progress.

Programs/Courses We Offer:

Focuses on improving language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing for effective English communication skills. It covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural aspects of the English language and is typically tailored to different proficiency levels, ranging from beginners to advanced learners to help students gain confidence in using English for daily interactions, academic pursuits, or professional endeavors. Learn More
PROgressive READing program is a structured approach derived by ESL Global Academy to developing and improving reading skills at a young age. The program is designed to gradually build upon foundational reading abilities and advance to more complex levels over time. It typically includes a series of leveled reading materials and exercises that cater to individual proficiency levels, allowing students to progress more and more. Learn More
It is a program with an innovative and comprehensive educational initiative focused on enhancing students’ mathematical abilities. Using a structured and progressive curriculum, it covers a wide range of math topics, starting from foundational concepts and gradually advancing to more complex mathematical principles, fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Learn More
It is a Montessori-based class designed to cater to the unique developmental needs of young children between the ages of 1.5 and 3 years old. Following the Montessori philosophy, the program prioritizes independence, hands-on learning, and individualized instruction through purposeful play and sensory experiences. The classroom is carefully prepared with age-appropriate materials and activities that promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development promoting a lifelong love of learning and a solid foundation for future education. Learn More
The program offers one-on-one led by experienced and specialized educators who excel in their respective fields. These expert tutors work closely with students, identifying their strengths and areas for growth, and designing customized learning plans to maximize their academic growth. In the top student tutorial program, the curriculum often includes advanced coursework, specialized topics, and opportunities for in-depth exploration of subjects of interest. Learn More
The Real World Life Skills program is comprised of limited-time workshops offered to target specific beneficial practical skills as writing, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and many others (*may vary from time to time).

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