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How long will you wait before helping your child develop a much needed READING, SPEAKING & ACADEMIC SKILLS? Learning must not STOP!
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Reading Specialist, Read in just 20 days!
We have been teaching all children of the world to read in just 20 days and speak english the fastest and most effective way.
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ESL Gen Alpha Program for kids age 3-5 y.o.
Revolutionizing language & child development in our 21st century digital education
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ESL Philippines
Goes International
From ESL Philippines, to International, and now Global! Join the growing number of ESL Online Learners!
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ESL Learning Center

Language & Child Development, Reading Specialist, Academic Enrichment
ESL Learning Center offers programs for students of all ages. Beginning on early years, age 1 year and 8 months old, toddlers attend ESL Language Development class which uses a combination of progressive preschool and Montessori approach. With the aims of recognizing and enhancing a child’s multiple intelligences; our center provides the necessary scheme of services that help yearlings experiencing developmental delays and disabilities or the so-called early intervention.
ESL Instructors utilize some of the most advanced programs available to efficiently support students, even those who are observed and in some cases, diagnosed with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, reading illiteracy and speech delay. Part of these, ESL boasts the rights it was granted with to adopt and perform the Instant Reader course, a reading program with 99% success rate that guarantees to make a child read in just 20 days or your money-back.


Instant Reader Program

From thorough and solid years of reading experiments, a program that guarantees to make your child read within just 20 days! Learn More

Math tricks and Shortcuts, Vedic Math, Mental Math and Algebra to address the student needs in the logical and mathematical areas! Learn More

Savvy Speakers

Syllabi are made based on the learner's specific needs to effectively target the areas in need of improvement. Learn More

Gen Alpha

Consistent progress assessments and monitoring and personal counseling and training support for guardians and/or parents! Learn More



Toddler Program

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Tutorial Classes

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Special Programs

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ESL Art, Music, Dance & Ballet

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English Proficiency Courses & IELTS Review

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