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Savvy Speakers

Fusing Confidence and Communication

Savvy SpeakersPersonality Development

Savvy Speakers – 1-on-1 The pinnacle of our program’s strength lies in its unparalleled focus on teaching English with an emphasis on real-world application. Led by language experts with hands-on communication experience, we go beyond grammar, nurturing eloquence and impact.
Step into a world of linguistic mastery with our Savvy Speakers 1-on-1 English Proficiency Skills program. Over 10 intensive sessions, each lasting 40 minutes, you’ll embark on a personalized journey to fluency and speaking mastery. Our seasoned language experts will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers grammar nuances, vocabulary expansion, and pronunciation refinement.

Savvy Speakers – Personality Development
Transform into a charismatic communicator. Enhance your public speaking confidence, hosting skills, and social prowess. In this engaging program, you’ll participate in interactive sessions with like-minded individuals, fostering a supportive environment for growth. Over 12 dynamic sessions, each lasting 50 minutes, our experienced instructors will equip you with the tools to captivate audiences, exude confidence in hosting, and elevate your social interactions. Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, mastering the art of networking, or simply aiming to be more charismatic in your daily interactions, this program will empower you to shine in every social and professional setting.

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frequently asked questions

Focuses on improving language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing for effective English communication skills. It covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural aspects of the English language and is typically tailored to different proficiency levels, ranging from beginners to advanced learners to help students gain confidence in using English for daily interactions, academic pursuits, or professional endeavors.
The Savvy Speaker levels, being Junior, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, categorize the students based on their English-speaking literacy.
There are 20 days to take as a requirement for a ladder certification (*a level may be taken multiple times, depending upon the student’s progress).
Savvy Speaker classes run for 25 – 40 minutes (*depending on the mode of learning).
Class schedule is customizable and can be based on the time preference and availability of the student, to be conducted via face-to-face or online (*fees vary).
An ESL folder and daily printed worksheets are to be provided by the ESL English Instructor for center-based speaking classes.
Yes, but with certain considerations (*to be discussed with the ESL teachers during the pre-enrollment assessment).
Yes, a certificate is provided if the student successfully passes a level based on his/her 20-day performance.

What Parents Say About Us

Discover what parents are saying! Hear from families about their children’s experiences at our learning school. Find out how we’re making learning fun and effective for young minds!
Mrs. Boncavil

Mom of BB Zach

Independent na sya, yung coloring and handwriting nya nadevelop din. It’s nice na nag improve sya.”

Independent na sya nagpapaiwan na, yung coloring and handwriting nya nadevelop din, dati di sya ganon it’s nice na nag improve na sya.

Dr. Guevarra

Mom of BB Gab, 3y.o.

Big difference when we enrolled. Before, he didn’t have any words. Now, he doesn’t stop talking about everything. He is more sociable and he can do things alone. You’re teaching the children to be responsible.”

Big difference compared to August when he enrolled. We enrolled when he’s just 2 because we noticed he doesn’t have any words. 

He couldn’t even say the word “milk” , he was not asking me. As a parent I’m not sure if he has a problem now he’s so talkative. He doesn’t stop talking about everything, what he sees he talks about it. Also, he is more sociable and he can do things alone. He is very independent. You’re teaching the children to be responsible. He says “I can do it on my own.” Like putting on his shoes and shirt and also how to pray. I’m really happy that we enrolled him. My problem now is he’s so talkative. You have an advanced curriculum, he already knows the stages of butterfly.

Mrs. Joanna Marie Samejon

Mom of SK JR Dawn

Hindi kami nagsisi na ipinasok namin sa ESL si Dawn…Very thankful kami kay ESL kasi nakatulong po talaga kayo kay Dawn, malaki yung naitulong niyo po talaga.

Wala pa naman kaming nakikitang SpEd at that time kaya better na icontinue ko na lang dito and then hindi naman kami nagsisi. During the time na nagthe-therapy si Dawn, ang laki din ng improvement niya dito kay ESL. Like sobrang happy ako everytime na sinasabi ni Teacher Ashley, minsan naiiyak ako. Sa totoo lang, minsan pagkasakay ko ng car “Baby, ang galing mo daw kanina. Naglisten ka kay Teacher Ashley, nag-ano ka ng (nagawa mo) task mo, nakikinig na siya”. Sabi ko very good. Yung mga simple na ganun kay Dawn, iba sobrang happy ako kasi hindi ko talaga ineexpect yung condition niya. But very thankful kami kay ESL kasi nakatulong po talaga kayo kay Dawn, malaki yung naitulong niyo po talaga.

Mrs. Claessie Balaoing

Mom of SK JR Clark

Malaki ang tiwala ko po na malaki talaga ang maitutulong ng ESL sa anak ko. Once na sinabi na ESL galing, as good as enrolled na sa big school ang knowledge. Napaka-advanced ng lessons!”

Actually ma’am malalaking improvement. Most of the time, binabasa ko yung diary although hindi ako from time to time nakakapag response. Kasi from the start pag dating na pag dating ko po sa bahay, papakita na nya po yung mga nagawa nya. Kaya po nag decide kami na pumunta dito sa ESL actually yung eldest ko na daughter nag start din po dito kaya yung pangalawa inano (enroll) ko din po dito kasi malaki po talaga ang tiwala ko po na malaki talaga ang maitutulong ng ESL sa anak ko.

Lhen Dela Cruz Placido | Mom of Sofia


“All I can say is, ang galing na talaga niya magbasa! She’s now ready to enter a big school, and become a big school achiever!

Thanks to ESL ProRead Program. From a non-reader to a confident reader now. We’re really glad that we enrolled Sofia to this program. Sobrang laki ng naging improvement niya. All I can say is ang galing na talaga niya magbasa! Thank you ESL and to her teacher for his hard work and patience in teaching Sofia. 

We highly recommend ESL ProRead program. It’s really a big help in Sofia’s reading skills. She is getting better and better and we can say that she’s now ready to enter a big school.

Albuera | Mom of Reylann


“From non-reader to reader in just 20 days! Yes, it’s true, tried & tested!”

Thank you ESL! Especially to his teacher for being patient and kind to my son. From a non-reader to reader in just 20 days! Yes, it’s true, tried & tested. My two kids started their reading journey at ESL Philippines. Highly recommended! Proread program really works. More power & God bless.

Marjorie Aviso | Mom of two toddlers enrolled at ESL

Language and Child Development

“A language learning school like no other! The best preschool here in Bulacan!”

I have never seen any other language learning school like ESL Baliwag. Besides making sure my kids learn, they truly and genuinely care about them. They hire highly skilled licensed ESL teachers and the curriculum is tailor fit for my 2 year old and 8 year old. I highly recommend ESL Baliwag to all parents who want to jumpstart those confidence, talents and intelligence in their children. We know these all start from home, but if you want to further take it into the next level, go for ESL Baliwag. They sure know how to do it and they do it well.

Ms. Gel Cruz Reyes | Mom of Riley from Nevada, USA


“Riley is a LIVING PROOF that ESL’s PEDAGOGY is a success!”

Paki-post Teacher Eunice, please!

I must admit Riley did not know how to read when I first enrolled her in ESL, and I will always be grateful to ESL for being a big part of Riley’s superb Reading and Comprehension skills. 

Nasa 500%+ na nga siya ng reading goals niya  this semester.

Thank you most sincerely to you and to the whole ESL family!

Suzie Eugenio | Mom of Rhiane


“It was a very satisfying experience with ESL Philippines. In just 20 days, we were amazed with our daughter’s improvement!”

We are very happy and satisfied with our experience with ESL PH. Programs are taught in a manner that is easily understood and they don’t pressure their students. They make learning fun and exciting. When my daughter started with the ProRead Program, we were having a hard time teaching her how to read 2-3 letter words but after the 20-session program she can now read short simple sentences or 4-6 letter words. We were very amazed with our daughter’s improvement. Thank you so much Teacher Cy and ESL PH!!!

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