Parent of 8 y.o. & 13 y.o Ashanti
Reading & Speaking Class

"My kids liked it. Very professional approach and the teachers was able to recognize their weakness. Thank you so much!"

Parent of 4 y.o. Sabrina
Instant Reader Program

"Overall, good experience and my daughter is really participating in all her online classes. I love how the stories are put forward so kids will be able to enjoy while learning."

Parent of 8 y.o. Althea
ESL Speaking Class

"Excited po ang anak ko pumasok araw-araw and the teacher are friendly, naeenjoy nya mag aral kaht nasa bahay lang. Thank you!"

Parent of 5 y.o. Sofia Lyneth & 10 y.o. Sofia Venice
Reading Class & Math Class

"Thank you so much, ESL for wonderful experienced in online education, my kids have so much func during their discussion with your efficient teacher."

30 y.o. Rose Dalangin
Vedic Math

"Thank you for awesome lessons. I build my confidence in math"

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