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Community Projects

“ESL Grateful Goodwill”
About Us | ESL Community Projects
At ESL Philippines, founded on the core principles of faith, service, and transformation, each word we teach and every book we share serves as a cornerstone to a brighter future. Our goal is to impact the children of our community through diverse initiatives. Some of our endeavors include conducting free ESL reading sessions in local schools, facilitating gift-giving efforts at “ESL Grateful Goodwill” for pediatric patients at the Philippine General Hospital and other public hospitals, and reaching underprivileged communities, children, and families by organizing heartwarming events and parties.
Our mission transcends the boundaries of classrooms, reaching out to touch the lives of those in need. This is not just education; it’s a movement toward creating lasting change in the lives of children and communities who yearn for hope.

ESL Grateful Goodwill 2023: Holiday Hugs for Brave Young Hearts.

At ESL Philippines, every child's smile is our greatest reward. Through our heartfelt initiative, ESL Grateful Goodwill 2023, we've reached out to over 100 pediatric patients at Baliwag District Hospital and Malolos Provincial Hospital. This journey is powered by the dedication of each student, as a portion of their tuition fees, combined with the generous donations from our community, creates a tapestry of compassion. Together, we embrace both our learners and the children in the hospitals, spreading joy and love. This tradition, now a beacon of hope, reflects our deep commitment to making a difference, fostering healing, happiness, and a Merry Christmas for all.

ESL Grateful Goodwill

ESL Outreach Program 2022: From ESlians, with Love

The ESL Outreach Program 2022, "From ESlians, with Love," is a deeply personal endeavor for us at ESL Philippines. It's not just a Christmas party; it's a heartfelt celebration dedicated to the children of Brgy. Hinukay, Baliwag, whom we hold dear to our hearts. This initiative embodies our core values of compassion and community. Through this program, we aim to create magical moments and lasting memories for these children, ensuring that they feel the warmth of the season and the love of our ESlians family. Supported by the generosity and kindness of our ESlians, this event is a true testament to the power of unity and giving back to our community.

ESL Outreach Program 2022: From ESlians, with Love

ESL Reading CampaignProRead Campaign partnered with FCAT

Our hearts at ESL Philippines are fully committed to elevating education and reading comprehension levels, which is why in 2023, we partnered with Fernandez College of Arts and Technology (FCAT) for our ProRead campaign. This partnership enabled us to provide free reading sessions and assessments as part of our community projects, reflecting our deep commitment to fostering a culture of reading and learning for a brighter future!

ESL Reading Campaign



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