10 Compact Study Space Ideas

Young students, especially the toddlers, need a dedicated space at home where they can study, read, write and work on school-related activities and crafts.
Set a “gadget time-out” to limit your child’s use of cellphones and tablet until school is done so it can receive their undivided attention. Give your kids a dedicated laptop or computer for maximum online learning.

1. Digital Quarantine

Home study areas are important to encourage learning and study. Here are some brilliant and creative compact study space ideas and designs to inspire you on your DIY renovations

2. Fold-Away Space Saver

Study areas don’t have to take up so much space. Fast becoming one of the favourite home study area ideas and designs, this fold-away study desk is ideal for smaller rooms or apartments. The table stand also doubles as the chalkboard.

3. Reading Loft and Desk

Readers need space to cuddle up with a good book. This reading loft and desk combo is a space saver. The bottom nook is perfect for study and writing, while the loft provides a comfortable and private space for reading.

4. Corner Nook

Install a study area for your young student right in his or her bedroom. This smart and functional study corner is smallish, but makes up with its ample storage and efficient design.

5. Modern Hallway Study Nook

Today’s students only need a desk, few shelves and power outlets. This minimalist hallway study nook is best for kids who easily get distracted.

6. School Room Desk

This old-school study desk is clear of its purpose and is aptly built with a seat, desk and storage. Small enough to fit into any nook in the house, this desk can be where it is convenient – kitchen, your child’s bedroom or in the hallway.

7. Under the Stairs Study Area

Make good use of your under-the-stairs space by converting it into study areas. Just install desks, storage and shelves. The under-the-stairs nook is popular for home study area ideas and designs.

8. Closet Homework Station

Turn a closet into a homework station, instantly. Just take out the stuff in it. A closet already has shelves that you can use as a desk and storage. You can easily lock it up when you’re away.

9. Closet Nook

No room for a desk? Use up one of your closets. Take out the door and install shelves and power outlets for lighting and computers.

10. Window Desk

When your child only need space for writing and studying, this petite window desk is a good option. Right where natural lighting is best, the window desk offer a comfortable space to read, write and study. Pocket shelves on the wall provide storage space.

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