What Matters, for Digital Learners?

With the very little time that's left before the start of online distance learning, what shall we consider for the so-called generation alpha learners?
What Matters, for Digital Learners?

With just one click, hundreds, or even thousands of educational contents and resources will pop up your screen as recommendations. But the thing is, the effective learning of today’s Gen Alpha doesn’t mainly and highly depend on your trusted resources. Instead, it all heavily relies on magnifying the student’s skills. Parents will have to be more concerned of skills development rather than class content. The WHAT (*to be learned) is out there already. The HOW (*to effectively learn) and the WHY (*continue learning amidst the pandemic) are now the critically important pieces for learning. Students need to learn how to think, not what to think, and that includes being metacognitive about their own actions and choices.

Generation alpha will want to attend classes that can allow them to show what they know in a nontraditional way. Learning outcomes shall be highly considered wherein students can demonstrate what they know and are able to do things in innovative and creative ways across multiple content areas and be able to share those creations socially.
Such will be activities that can stimulate critical thinking and creative problem solving in the kids, particularly through fun digital interactions, enticing virtual lessons and much more. Gen Alpha will need many opportunities to showcase what they can do and not just be instructed of what to do.
These soft skills needed by our Gen-Alpha students will involve online class experiences like dealing with their own behavior and the behavior of others through non-physical interactions. Teachers will need to engage students in opportunities for building healthy and helpful habits of the mind.
So, with these to bear in mind, what matters now, for your young, Gen-Alpha learners?

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